I am Kitti Terdik, a precise, conscientious photographer, who loves harmonic, beautiful, elegant and deliberated things. Currently I live in Budapest, Hungary but I am open to new challenges all around the globe.

Fundamentally I am very cheerful and an optimist girl, who lives a very active lifestyle, and I would like to show this on my photos as well. I often use bright colors, I like it, when I see people smiling on my pictures. 

At the moment I can serve you in 3 areas of photography:


As a wedding photographer: 

The classy and clean wedding styles and places are standing the closest to me, so I would be the best choice for those couples, who prefers these styles as well. In my Deluxe package I capture your big day from the first moments of the preparation to the end of the party with your friends, family and bridesmaids, besides that this package contains a creative photography on a wonderful place of your choice. 


As a business photographer: 

My number one advantage in this area, that I always have a personal consultation with all of my clients, where we can discuss that, how can you prepare for the photography, how does a good outfit looks like on these photos, what colors fit you the most, and how can you pose in front of the camera in the most confident way. I make a personal preparation guide for every client of mine. 


As an event photographer: 

Photographing an event is very inspiring for me, I love taking photos without people noticing me, capture the big laughs, conversations, award ceremonies, presentations or speeches. I always arrive earlier for the photoshoots because I really like to explore the place where I work. I try to find the good spots and taking photos of the decorations in the empty rooms.

I you have any questions, contact me by clicking the button below. 


You can find my photos on Instagram, on Facebook and also on Pinterest.

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