I am Kitti Terdik, a meticulous and conscientious photographer with a passion for capturing harmonious, elegant, and thoughtfully composed imagery. Based in the enchanting city of Budapest, Hungary, I am always eager to embrace new challenges and opportunities worldwide.

At heart, I am a cheerful and optimistic individual, living an active and vibrant lifestyle—a spirit I strive to reflect in my photography. I frequently incorporate bright, vivid colors into my work and take great joy in capturing the smiles and happiness of those I photograph.

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At the moment I can serve you in 3 areas of photography:


As a wedding photographer: 

Elegant and refined wedding styles and venues resonate most deeply with me, making me the ideal choice for couples who share this preference. My Deluxe package offers comprehensive coverage of your special day, from the initial moments of preparation to the lively celebration’s conclusion with friends, family, and bridesmaids. Additionally, this package includes a creative photography session at a stunning location of your choice, ensuring every cherished moment is beautifully captured.


As a business photographer: 

My foremost advantage in this field lies in my commitment to personal consultations with each of my clients. During these sessions, we delve into how best to prepare for the photography, selecting outfits that enhance your appearance and choosing colors that complement you perfectly. We also discuss posing techniques to ensure you feel confident and look your best in front of the camera. I provide a tailored preparation guide for every client, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.


As an event photographer: 

Photographing an event is a deeply inspiring endeavor for me. I take great pleasure in capturing candid moments, whether it’s hearty laughter, engaging conversations, award ceremonies, presentations, or speeches, all without drawing attention to myself. I always arrive early for photoshoots, as I relish exploring the venue where I will be working. This allows me to identify the perfect spots and capture the beauty of the decorations in the serene, empty rooms before the event begins.

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